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Meet the NXE, a revolutionary non-electric foldable bicycle now available in India! With its unmatched design and universal appeal, it emerges as the prime option for cycling enthusiasts. Setting itself apart from its bulkier counterparts, this bike boasts a lightweight frame and sleek tires, ensuring a smooth and stylish ride. Designed to cater to riders of all ages and heights, the NXE promises a versatile and enjoyable biking experience.

As a part of Svitch's product portfolio, Its Key Features includes Foldable Handle Bar, Foldable Paddle, Dual Suspensions, Comfortable Saddle, 160mm Mechanical Disc Brake complemented by a 7-speed Shimano mechanical gear system. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum 6061 alloy, the frame not only allows for easy folding and convenient storage but also imparts durability and stability.

Whether you're using it for daily commuting, fitness endeavors, or thrilling off-road adventures, the Svitch NXE excels in every scenario. Its adaptability and foldable design position it as the ultimate choice for those seeking the finest non-electric foldable bicycle in India.