Pre-Bookings Received in the Form of EOI (Expression of Interest).

In this context of EOI, our focus was on identifying customers in specific territories who have a keen interest in purchasing the product, aiming to avoid any service-related inconveniences. Now we cant wait to shortlist the EOI's.

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This EOI is an invitation for individuals or entities to express their interest in acquiring CSR762 for the nominal amount of ₹1.

We are conducting this EOI to gauge interest and identify potential customers interested in acquiring CSR762 at a significantly reduced cost of  ₹1.

EOI is not pre-booking. When you pay ₹1, you are expressing your interest in buying the CSR762 but Customers with EOI will be on a priority basis.

After submitting the EOI, you’ll receive a confirmation mail. If shortlisted, you’ll be contacted for further details or updates regarding the acquisition process.

Good question, After getting 1,00,000 EOIs, we'll pick cities where most people showed interest. We'll open our outlet there for better service experience. People from those cities will be on the shortlist. It's all about making it easy for everyone!

Of course, You’ll get a refund (After all money is money). We’ll notify you once our exclusive outlet opens in your locality.

The last date for the EOI process is 31st March.

Yes, you can cancel your EOI. you’ll get your refund.

Yes, you can only submit one EOI.

Shortlisted customers will get a chance to have the first 500 CSR762 on a priority basis.

To participate, kindly fill out the provided Expression of Interest form, providing the required details and submitting it by 31st March.

No, submitting the EOI does not create any binding commitment. It is an expression of interest and intent to participate in the process.

The EOI is open to individuals, organisations and entities interested in acquiring CSR762.

CSR762 is a Super Electric Bike designed for eco-friendly commuting, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and promoting a sustainable mode of transportation with the thrill of sport biking.