About Us

"We made it together, and we will always make it"

Svitch is the outcome of one such process. The founder of Svitch, Mr. Raj Patel came up with a unique concept during his quest to solve the problem of last-mile mobility. This was the inception of 'SVITCH', which aimed to electrify & empower everyone. The product design was initiated in 2016. However, the idea got amplified further when he envisioned the scope in the field of Electric Vehicles and their application in the daily lives of people. Thus, began the genesis of "SVITCH". Not just stopping at premium e-bikes, Svitch is diversifying by bringing in the big guns in the EV motorbike CSR 762 which comes with the battery-swappable technology. Svitch aims to not just sell products but sell ideas, dreams which are achievable by everyone alike. Svitch will make you say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle. Come, see & try for yourself!

It's Time To Take A Break And Make A Svitch!