CSR762: Empowering Electric Bike with ₹1 as Pre-Booking.

Imagine a world where everyone has a voice, where even a single rupee can spark a movement, and where positive change becomes accessible to all. The world of electric mobility just got a whole lot more exciting, and it's all thanks to the electric bike CSR762. This isn't just your average electric motorcycle; it's a pioneering machine that's redefining the way we ride and the way we express our desire for change.
The CSR762: More than just a ride, a statement.
The CSR762 isn't just another ebike. It's a symphony of innovation, design, and eco-consciousness. This sleek machine boasts:
  • Power and range: A 3 kW motor that shoots you to a thrilling 120 kmph and a 3.6 kWh battery offering a 190 km range – conquer the city without sacrificing speed or freedom of the best electric bike.
  • Unveiling a new class of storage: Forget strapped-on bags and flimsy baskets. The CSR762 electric bike comes equipped with a 40L front compartment boot space, seamlessly integrated into the design, holding your helmet or weekend essentials with ease.
  • Tech that elevates the ride: A dedicated phone space that doubles as a second display, keeping you connected and informed throughout the electric motorcycle journey.
  • Sustainable style: Choose from three stunning colors and ride with confidence, knowing you're making a positive impact on the environment.

Express your interest, join the movement.

The CSR762 electric bike is more than just a ebike; it's a symbol of change. It represents a shift towards greener transportation, and you can be a part of this movement even before the official launch. Here's where the unique pre-booking system comes in:

  • Register your interest with just ₹1: This isn't a deposit, it's an Expression of Interest (EOI). Show your support for CSR762 ebike and help Svitch gauge demand, ensuring they reach the cities that crave this electric revolution.
  • Be among the first to ride: With the pre-booking system, you'll be part of an exclusive group of ebike, notified first about test rides, deliveries, and exclusive offers.
  • Shape the future of urban mobility: Your EOI sends a powerful message. The more EOIs Svitch receives, the faster they'll expand their reach, making sustainable transportation accessible to everyone.

The CSR762 isn't just a ebike, it's a promise. A promise of clean air, silent streets, and a future where electric dreams become everyday rides. So, join the movement, register your EOI for just ₹1, and get ready to gear up for the change. Let's rewrite the future of urban mobility, one silent revolution at a time.

Visit the CSR762 website today and register your EOI. It's not just a pre-booking, it's a statement.


Ride the change, ride the CSR762 ebike.

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